EV Gladiator G115 15-Inch 3-Way Speaker


The Gladiator G115 is a powerful system for the reproduction of modern, dynamic, full-range music. Built to handle the extreme EQ settings that modern performers employ for impact and effect, the components in Gladiator are capable of thundering lows and crystal highs. Feel the need to crank up the bass? Made from lightweight Roadwood™ and covered with rugged carpet, Gladiator withstands the unique abuses that DJs and bands dish out.


The Electro-Voice Gladiator G115 is designed to reproduce modern dance music. It is an amazing system for live events, mobile DJs… powerful, extended LF response coupled with EV’s great HF and unmatched vocal clarity due to RMD (Ring-Mode Decoupling). The EVS-Series woofers and crossover networks reliably produce very high SPLs all night. Roadwood enclosures, steel grills, high impact corners and comfortable handles complete the package for years of reliable good looking service. EV’s unique system design allows one amplifier channel to drive the sub’s built-in crossover to provide full range output.