Digital 160 LED Light Panel Kit – Set of 3


The 160 Led light kit helps to ensure perfect settings for your photography or video subject. With it's lightweight and durable construction, you can carry this light around with you wherever you go. Softens the light coming from your external flash providing an even diffusion of light while staying out of the way of your lens.It is helpful to on-the-go photographers.


LED light panel can mount to any standard hot shoe on most DSLR or digital video cameras as well as tripods and light stands equipped with a hot shoe mount or 1/4-inch thread. It is also equipped with a pivoting head-allowing you to raise or lower the light’s angle. Soft box included. Ultimate soften light stream and remove shadow to make perfect shooting and collapsible for storage. Never run out of battery power when you’re just about to capture the perfect moment. This convenient charger set will charge your batteries at home or on the road, so you can always have a fresh battery supply for your photographic needs. This light stand is constructed from aluminum alloy, giving it exceptional strength for heavy duty work.Its solid locking capabilities ensure the safety of your lighting equipment when in use.